Pastors of Faith Independent Baptist Church

Reverend Robert Kneff
Reverend Robert Kneff was called as Pastor in March of 1974. Reverend Kneff came to Logan from Southland Bible Institute in Pikeville, Kentucky. Pastor Kneff’s wife, Ruby, later became the church pianist. Having had polio when she was younger, Mrs. Kneff was severely crippled, but never complained. She was a special blessing to the church. Pastor Kneff was fifty-nine years old when he became pastor at Faith Independent Baptist Church, but he was a very active person. Not only was he the pastor, he was the plumber, the carpenter (with help from Vic Noe and David West), and the janitor. He was a “jack of all trades.” During Pastor Kneff’s tenure as pastor, two families went into full-time Christian service. George and Marcia Stamper and their family moved to Bluefield, West Virginia where George became pastor of a Baptist Church. David West and his wife, Linda, charter members of the church, moved, along with their two daughters to Boomer, West Virginia, where David became principal of Boomer Christian Academy. David West was what one would call the backbone of the church. He was a big financial supporter of the church, a deacon, Sunday School teacher, and youth leader. Folks hated to lose him, but God, who has always bless this church, sent someone else to take David’s place and that man was Larry Browning.

Larry Browning
Interim Pastor/Deacon 1976-1995
Larry, Joyce and Jonathan Browning became a very big part of this church in 1976. [Addendum written by Jon Browning 2002] Larry and his family came to the church in 1976 and was an active member until his death in 1995. Larry served as Head Deacon, Adult Sunday School Teacher, and Pastor during the times Faith Independent Baptist Church was without a pastor. He also took up the role as electrician for the church due to his training. He was diagnosed with cancer in the early 1990’s and taught his Sunday School class with his oxygen mask attached. He left a great void in the church as he did in the world when he went on Home in September 1995. His wife Joyce served as Treasurer and his son Jonathan picked up in many areas of ministry at the church where Larry left off. Joyce and Jon moved from Logan County to Charleston, West Virginia in 2003.

Pastor Bill Gallagher
On December 23, 1979, Bill Gallagher, Jr. became pastor. Gallagher, his wife Mary, and son Phillip moved here from New Jersey. Pastor Gallagher resigned in July of 1980.

Pastor Terry Richey
On November 9, 1980, Terry Richey became pastor of our church. During his time here he started a tradition that we all enjoy. Every year in October we have a “soup-out” where we meet at the [Chief Logan State] park and cook a great big pot of soup and enjoy a time of fellowship. Pastor Richey, his wife Barbara and their sons Joshua and Mark, left to pastor a church in North Carolina. He left in September of 1983.

Pastor James Bledsoe
On November 4, 1983, James Bledsoe became pastor of Faith Independent Baptist Church. Pastor Bledsoe, his wife Edna, and son Joshua are native Logan Countians. [Under Pastor Bledsoe’s instruction the church grew more and more. He introduced us to Missions Conferences and to the weekly radio broadcast “The Word of Truth” airing on what was then WLOG AM radio, every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. He also had a tape ministry and was a vital supporter of worldwide missions.] He would remain our pastor until September 16, 1990, when he resigned to become pastor of a Baptist Church [Faithway Baptist] in Greensboro, North Carolina [where he currently serves today].

Pastor Ronald Smith
Reverend Ronald Smith became pastor of Faith Independent Baptist Church on January 27, 1991. Pastor Smith and his wife Flo are the parents of three sons, all of whom are in full-time Christian Service. Steve [as of 1995] is the Director of “Hope for the World Missions” serving in Albania, Romania, Mauldovia, Cuba, and South America. Greg is the Associate Pastor of the Bible Baptist Church in Danville, West Virginia. Brent is pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Harlan, Iowa. Pastor Ronald Smith resigned on December 25, 1994 after unsuccessfully trying to get the people to merge with West Logan Missionary Baptist Church in Logan, West Virginia. He is now the pastor of that church. [As of 2002, Ronald Smith and his wife are at a retirement community in Florida after he suffered a heart attack and she broke her hip. This was not long after he became pastor of West Logan Missionary Baptist.]

Pastor Mike Rose
When Pastor Smith resigned on December 25, 1994, we did not know who would be preaching for us on January 1, 1995, but we knew that God would send someone, and that someone. That someone was Mike Rose from Ikes Fork, West Virginia.
Pastor Rose was saved in 1987 and submitted to the call to preach in 1988. He did evangelistic work and pulpit supply in various Baptist Churches from 1988 until 1995. Mike was asked to temporarily supply the pulpit at Faith Independent Baptist Church until we got a pastor, and he did so. He preached almost every Sunday from January 1, 1995 until April 19, 1995 when he was ordained as our Pastor.
Pastor Rose and his wife Debbie are the parents of three children, Tracey, Mike, Jr., and Jessica, and the proud grandparents of Brandon Brewster Rose, Laiken Kirby and Hannah Kirby.  Pastor Mike Rose retired on Sunday, February 26, 2017.