Ways to Use Gospel Tracts

      As Christians, we know that we are to be witnesses, but not knowing where or how can be a hindrance. Gospel tracts do not take the place of personal testimony of how God saved you, but they can allow you to witness to people that you meet only briefly, aid in building your confidence in witnessing to others, and can enable you to witness to people that you may not be able to speak to (in other languages).  The opportunity to witness to others arise in many different ways and places: people you work with, buy from, sell to, visit with, live next door to, meet at Laudromat, or meet at church, just to name a few.
There are easy ways to hand out tracts for the first time or when the opportunity arises.  They include:

  • Leaving tracts in public restrooms, on gas pumps, on ATM Machines, on video arcade games, on top of mailboxes, on public phones, on door knobs (with rubber bands), on newspaper dispensers, at garage sales, on school campuses, at Laundromats, in taxicabs, in library books, at swap meets, in rental cars, in bill payment envelopes, at bus stop benches, in store dressing rooms, and under windshield wipers.
  • When eating out in an restaurant, leave a tract with a decent tip on the table.  Even when the service isn’t outstanding, leave a tip just to have the opportunity to leave a tract.
  • When going through a drive-thru restaurant, dry cleaners, bank, etc. offer a tract.
  • Anytime you speak to a cashier at a store or restaurant offer them a tract, “Could I leave something to read when you have time?”
  • Enclose a tract with every bill you mail.
  • Turn that irritating “junk mail” into a means of witnessing by sending a tract in the postage paid reply envelopes.
  • Purchase a brochure holder at any office supply store to keep by your door to give to anyone who calls door-to-door, and as a reminder to you to take tracts with you when you leave home.
  • Use tracts in personal and business letters, with greeting cards, and in books you lend friends.  Give them to repairmen or delivery men.

To make your witness through tracts more fulfilling try:

  • Pray when you distribute tracts.  You cannot in a soul to Christ, nor can any tract.  Only the Holy Spirit can do this work.  So be sure to pray while you work.  Ask the Lord to lead you to the right person.  Ask Him to help you select the right tract.  And ask Him to help the reader to understand the message.
  • Offer tracts in a friendly spirit.  A frowning face or an argumentative approach will lose a reading for your tract.  It’s amazing how often a tract is accepted if it is offered with a friendly smile.
  • Don’t force tracts on people.  When tracts are distributed to everyone you meet, many will be discarded.  Usually it is better to distribute a dozen tracts carefully and prayerfully than to hand out a hundred tracts thoughtlessly.
  • Give tracts that are appropriate.  A tract should ideally fit the needs of the person it is given to.  Try to select a tract that seems appropriate for the individual.
  • Talk with the person, if possible.  This will help you stimulate his interest.  Try to guide the conversation so you can offer your tract.  If you can get him to ask for it, so much the better.  At least, get him to agree to read it before you give it to him.
  • Begin now to use a tract a day.  Don’t wait for the time when you will be able to distribute hundreds of tracts.  Begin by using at least one tract each day in your normal routine and you will be amazed as you see the Lord bless your work and give you satisfaction in doing it.
  • Always be courteous, even if they refuse the tract.  Leave the door open for yourself or someone else to witness